Enhancing HR Efficiency through Tech-driven Solutions

Question: A medium-sized company was facing challenges in managing their HR processes efficiently. Manual handling of recruitment, payroll management, and employee performance evaluations led to delays, errors, and inconsistencies. The HR team struggled to find suitable candidates for crucial positions, impacting the company's growth.

Answer: Agumentik Consultancy stepped in to implement tech-driven HR solutions. They introduced an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline the recruitment process. This helped in efficiently shortlisting candidates based on relevant skills and experience, reducing hiring time significantly.
Additionally, Agumentik introduced an automated payroll management system, ensuring accurate and timely salary processing, leaving no room for errors. Employee performance evaluations were digitized through a performance management platform, facilitating regular feedback and fostering employee development.

Result: With Agumentik's tech-driven HR solutions, the company experienced a considerable improvement in HR efficiency. The time taken for recruitment reduced by 30%, leading to better-quality hires. Payroll processing errors decreased, resulting in increased employee satisfaction. The performance management system led to better employee engagement and performance, contributing to overall company growth.

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    Harshavardhan Patel
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    HR, Management
  • Client:

    Harshavardhan Patel
  • Date:

    12 January, 2020